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Sep. 8th, 2010

Kim Pine

Turn around and take a look at the crowd (an open letter to all my friends)

I didn't really sleep last night (an even split insomnia/excitment for the video that was about to drop in the morning) and I was thinking about how nervous I was about moving to London 3 years ago. Manchester is what made me and I was so lucky to be part of an amazing group of friends and the most awesome queer feminist underground and I do miss it so much. I thought that I wouldn't be part of anything like that again, I thought London was where I was gonna grow up and get boring. I was so wrong.

My incredibly talented friends made a video.

My incredibly talented friends organised the coolest Ladyfest benefit ever. I had very little to do with it, but I attended and had fun and had all kinds of epiphanies about why London was the right move. The video that was made sums everything up. This sounds like shit but I'm writing this at 4am and I don't care.

Last week Unskinny Bop and helpers held a radical feminist karaoke dance party, screened the Le Tigre documentary, and we had the bestest day of our lives. And this documents it all. It documents more than the day though, it documents the awesome lo-fi queer community that I belong to in London. It documents my friends and their incredible talent and mad skillz. Being a part of this video was the most fun ever, watching this video on repeat at the wrap party on Monday was possibly even more fun, and watching it now on my computer screen makes my heart hurt with pure awesomeness. I’ve been saying it a lot this week but I am really in love with all my friends.

I’m still in shock at just how damned good this looks and sounds.

Things I love about this video:

All my friends being rad

The beautiful karaoke booth (you need to see this up close to take it all in, it’s just incredible)

The rollerderby rivalry (notice the Suffrajets t-shirt and an Ultra Violent Femmes t-shirt. Fight! Fight! Fight!)

The way that Tamsin jumps up and down on Ruth’s shoulders as she sings ‘disproportionate reaction just won’t fade’

The Dr making my heart ache on the ‘these are your arms that is your heart’ bit

John falling to his knees

Alex and his super sexy voice

All the bits where people are just dancing and bouncing. This captures everything I love about The Bop.

Nick’s tiger hat

Kate Dansette

All the bits where people make mistakes and laugh or look embarrassed or just jump up and down and don’t care. Love Love Love it.

The way the camera shakes and then speeds up during the ‘This is your time this is your life bit’. My heart beats so fast when I watch that bit and I just want to punch the air and scream ‘YES!’

Camilla and Tamsin’s choreography

All the groups bouncing and shouting away.

Shouting in Nick’s face and jumping up and down with my BFF

Ladyfesters dancing like absolute superstars. Yes, I mean you Naz.

Bunches and Tim’s competition to bounce the highest while Eva completely owns the mic.

People singing in their own accents and not adopting fake American.

The sense of pure adoration for everyone on screen. Dear all my friends, I am your biggest fan.

If I’ve forgotten anything it’s because it was too amazing to put into words.

I will never get bored of watching this video ever. And I’m sure the comedown after this week will be horrible and I will just feel blue. So I don’t plan on coming down, I will just keep up the fun levels so that my life is like this all the time.

I’m proud to be associated with you


Jan. 1st, 2003

Kim Pine

Friends Only

My LJ is Friends Only because I don't like the idea of stalkers or co-workers reading about my wild and exciting social life. If you aren't a stalker or a co-worker and you wanna add me then leave me a comment here and I'll add you right back.
Kim Pine

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